Science has for a long time now accepted the fact that particles can spontaneously pop into existence. They do this from the energies that pass through empty space. Once created these 'bits' of positive matter are immediately annihilated by a cloud of smaller negative energy/particles coming in from every direction. So it appears that nothing can be created and sustained in the form of the universe that we know of today! We exist and so does the universe, that's a fact! - so what could really have happened in creating and sustaining the current universe? THE VERY FIRST BIT OF ENERGY/PARTICLE THAT SPONTANEOUSLY CAME INTO EXISTENCE WAS INFINITELY SMALL. Remember, if a particle sprang into existence that was larger than infinitely small then it would have been immediately annhilated by a cloud of smaller negative energy/particles. BUT being infinitely small - the cloud of negative energy/particles that came to annihilate the original particle could only be exactly the same size as the original particle. i.e. infinitely small. The first cloud that came to try to annhilate the original energy/partical numbered 12. This number is the only one that can cover exactly any single particle. This is the creative process and is making surplus material at each subsequent negative/positive stage. Immediately after the 12 negative energy/particles were created a further cloud of about 28 positive energy/particles came into existence to try to annhilate them. At each stage of the action and reaction a surplus of negative energy/ particles is created. After a while the whole universe became filled by this event and it became infinitely large. The last created numbered shell exactly matched the last numbered shell and that's when the whole ediface stopped growing. It then collapsed with positive and negative particles cancellng each other out. But, as you will remember, there was always a surplus of negative energy/particles at each stage as the 'cloud' formed.When the final collapse took place there remained, of course, a balance of negative particles left. No further annhilation reaction took place to these energy/particles as they were changed slightly in the collapse. At the centre of ediface being under extreme pressure black holes were created. At other parts of the ediface hydrogen atoms were formed. The quantity of negative energy/particles left is calculable and MATCHES EXACTLY THE NUMBER OF PARTICLES FOUND IN THE UNIVERSE TODAY! - i.e. about 1080 After the annhilation process was over the remnant forces which remained were the strong and weak atomic forces, electromagnetic forces and, of course, gravity. So all these forces are simply the weaker cousins of the original primordal annhilation force. The original annihilation force being spent in the initial colapse it is no longer is observable. s they are all related to the original annhilation force grouping the strong and weak atomic electromagneticand gravitational forces together makes for understanding a unifying theory. This initial collapse probably totalled in diameter at least several billion light years across. Then occurred a massive 'Bounce-Back' which became known as the 'BIG-BANG'. The compression in the collapse and subsequent ''Bounce-Back' allowed the energy/material to coalesce and form the galaxies of hydrogen atoms. An aspect of the current 'Big-Bang' theory is that every particle in the universe is flying away from every other particle in the 'big-bang' explosion. Thus making it impossible for galaxies to form at all. However, in the ‘Bounce-Back’ situation the galaxies of hydrogen atoms formed at the compression stage and eventually were each moving away from the centre of the ‘Bounce-Back’ area at great speed. Each galaxy consisted of a globular groups of hydrogen stars. As each globular galaxy moved away from the centre the force of gravity diminished and the globular shape gave way to a flattened form. this flattened shape behaved like a bicycle wheel where the outside stars at the edge of the wheel turned and moved faster than any inside stars. It is thought that some mysterious force exerted by so called ‘dark-energy’ was responsible for the outer edges of each galaxy was made to move the stars faster the the internal stars. Clearly that theory is nonsence. Harry Schneider 2017

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